Tungsten 500 - 42Mj Heater - NG

42Mj Heater with Black Matte Finish

The Tungsten Smart-Heatâ„¢ Gas Radiant Heaters are designed to provide effective outdoor heating to both commercial and residential premises whilst offering an appealing design. The heaters incorporate full function electronic controls, allowing them to be operated remotely from a conveniently located switch. The heaters have been designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

  • Attractive black finish
  • Universal bracket
  • Easy upgrade from 3-burner to 5-burner heater
  • No additional plumbing or wiring required
  • Easy-pivot arm & rotation each side
  • Electronic ignition
  • One or multiple units can be switched on and off simultaneously from a single remote-located switch
  • Automatic Re-Ignition - In the instance of the unit blowing out, it will attempt to reignite
  • Flame Failure Safety Shut-off Control
  • Wind resistance up to 12km/h or 8mph
  • Can be run on LPG or Natural Gas * Available in two sizes a 300 Series (25Mj) and a 500 Series (42Mj)
  • Can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted
Products specifications

Usually in stock

Expected Delivery

2-3 days

Product Weight


Product Weight

404 H X 302 W X 356 D


Assembly required

Weather Rating

Covered outdoors





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